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Mica Levi - “Meat to Math” | If you are into weird experimental music and off-putting ambiance, then both the soundtrack and the movie Under the Skin is perfect for you. The movie, paired well, with Mica Levi’s first soundtrack, is a great cinematic experience. Much like Gravity,  should see this in the theater. But unlike Gravity the emotion u get is completely different. And give this track a listen, it echos the weirdness and the alienness of the film and the music.

Sam Smith - “I’ve Told You Now” | I think i’ve been sucked onto the Sam Smith band wagon. I’m like his less R&B stuff but more his soulful ballads like this. But when he breaks into falsetto chorus and u dont feel anything, then u r probably a robot.

Typhoon - “Hunger and Thirst” | If you like a folksy singer with a music festival band that will clap and cheer in a chorus of songs, then throw in a trumpet, and you’ll get the Typhoons. Fun, catchy and greatly under appreciated. Have a listen.

Keali’i Reichel - “Maunaleo” | Something old. And this song came back into my discussions and prompted me to search and listen to it once again. Not only does it remind me of Hawai’i, it also reminds me a time of my youth, a yr where this song was played throughout my life. Keali’i Reichel has a beautiful voice, and this song elevates it. 

Daughter x Tate Britain: An After-Hours Performance at the London Art Institution’s Ruin Lust Exhibition 

In continuance of my week of fanboy infatuation with the UK band Daughter, here is a video of them performing at a London Art Institution exhibit, Ruin Lust, an art exhibition on abandoned ruins. I think some of the themes there fits greatly with the space and longing that threads within Daughter’s music. 

They rly need to tour more.

Daughters - “Youth (Live @ Coachella 2014)” | This was one of my fav acts & band at this yrs Coachella. Elena Tonra had some sort of magical lighting that elevated her to divine levels. And when she flashed a smile from her musical trance, it was like that divinity breaking through the clouds.

I even decided to end the entire weekend on this performance. I wanted it to be the last sonic echo as i drove home.

Sigur Rós - “The Rains of Castamere” | No spoilers, just audio. Its nice to see them add another version of this song, and for another wedding. This is turning out to be the best/worst wedding song, opinions may differ.

Sarah Greene - “The Parting Glass (Ending song)” | Irish actress/voice actress rom AC4 did this Scottish Sea shanty for the end credit of the game. 

Sir Sly - “Marvin’s Room” (Drake Cover) | You take a Drake song, strip the driving R&B bass and add a droning Post Rock riff and drive the song on that. Instead of the heartbeat, you get a emotional sway. It gravitates in and out. Love it.

義足のMoses | Ok this cute Japanese 2d animation of a dancing girl and a pair of tapping shoes is pure sweetness. Watch it.