TV On The Radio - “Happy Idiot” | A new single for their upcoming Nov. album. It starts a little more new wave than their old Post punk revival stuff. But still i like the sound a lot better than last few outings. 

TV on the Radio music video

M83 - “Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun” | In honor of releasing their older albums (the good ones) to digital, M83 released this never before seen video for one of the best tracks from Before The Dawn Heals Us. And this is back in the aughts when M83 ruled my playlists with these ambient masterpieces. Just look at this stuff, this is some Fountain level shit. Before The Dawn Heals Us is amazing, i recommend everyone to listen to it, specially if you like more of their Oblivion soundtrack stuff and less of that sexy-sax/award winning Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming stuff. 


M83 music video

San Fermin - “Sonsick & Oh Darling” | A Take Away Show. In my prep for the First City Music fest, i’m relistening to some of the Old San Fermin gems. This lead me just finding out that Rae Cassidy has left. Sadness, this was a great example of her abilities w/ the group. I hope this song can still be magical at their current iterations. 

San Fermin Rae Cassidy Take Away Show music video

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - “Collapse” | VSC exist somewhere between Bon Iver and the XX, carrying a mix like Balearic beat mixed with Ambient. Some amazing spacey stuff with a mellow rhythm. I’m groovin in it right now.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic music video


Songs from release of Johnny Foreigner Vs Everything on Alcopop. They sound like Los Camposinos! on one track and then Foals in another. I’m loving them. they ride all their pop energy on their melodic spacey guitars. It combines my loves of post-rock and energetic indie guitar rock.

music johnny foreigner soundcloud