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Daughter x Tate Britain: An After-Hours Performance at the London Art Institution’s Ruin Lust Exhibition 

In continuance of my week of fanboy infatuation with the UK band Daughter, here is a video of them performing at a London Art Institution exhibit, Ruin Lust, an art exhibition on abandoned ruins. I think some of the themes there fits greatly with the space and longing that threads within Daughter’s music. 

They rly need to tour more.

Daughters - “Youth (Live @ Coachella 2014)” | This was one of my fav acts & band at this yrs Coachella. Elena Tonra had some sort of magical lighting that elevated her to divine levels. And when she flashed a smile from her musical trance, it was like that divinity breaking through the clouds.

I even decided to end the entire weekend on this performance. I wanted it to be the last sonic echo as i drove home.

Sigur Rós - “The Rains of Castamere” | No spoilers, just audio. Its nice to see them add another version of this song, and for another wedding. This is turning out to be the best/worst wedding song, opinions may differ.

Sarah Greene - “The Parting Glass (Ending song)” | Irish actress/voice actress rom AC4 did this Scottish Sea shanty for the end credit of the game. 

Sir Sly - “Marvin’s Room” (Drake Cover) | You take a Drake song, strip the driving R&B bass and add a droning Post Rock riff and drive the song on that. Instead of the heartbeat, you get a emotional sway. It gravitates in and out. Love it.

義足のMoses | Ok this cute Japanese 2d animation of a dancing girl and a pair of tapping shoes is pure sweetness. Watch it.

Jambinai - “Time Of extinction” | S. Korean Post Rock band that uses the Geomungo, Korean zither and the Hu. Little heavy on the guitar for my taste, but lots of distinct sounds. A nice driving beat and some crazy atmospheres. try it. its different.

Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet - “In Sorrow Thou Shalt Bring Forth Children” | Probably one of my fav tracks from the #Noah soundtrack. Def one of the better collabs between Mansell and Kronos. This soundtrack, was pretty muted for Mansell, much like the movie was a detachment from Darren Arnofsky’s usual style. But Clint Mansell still gets to shine with his composition in these quiet moments. And this track drive home Noah’s burden and conviction. Ultimately i liked the movie. Specially for how much it came down to being about the characters and their individual quest for god, truth and purpose.

Pillar Point - “Dreamin’ [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]” I Ok this is just a damn cool video.


65daysofstatic - “Taipei” | With one of my fav band names, in my fav genre, and having a song name that evokes birth-city Nostalgia, i wish i luv this song. But I simply like it. It climaxes wells, but not overwhelming, which i seek in a good post-rock song. But i think the thing that makes it a perfect Post-rock song, is that its actually too pop-y.